Robotic mower EGROBOT E1600

Work surface
Trimming areas: 6

Surface area: 800-2600 m²

Clipped surface with loading: 800 m²

Ascending slope with angle of: 30 °

Power supply: 220 / 29.4 V

Reception time: 300 min

Working time: 120-180 min

Auto Load: YES

Battery: 28.8 V

Battery capacity: 6.6 Ah

Battery type: Li-Ion


Technical specifications
Weight: 19 kg

Noise: ≤ 60 dB

Engine type: Brushless

Power: 85 W

Knives: 4 pcs.

Water resistance: IP54

Knife rotation speed: 3000 rpm

Working and working
Cut height: 25-55 mm

Cutting width: 28 cm

Speed: 35 m / min

Spiral Twist: YES

Mowed direction: in two directions

Mower height regulation: manual

Mounting pins: 200 бр

Spare knives: 4 pcs.

Virtual Conductor: 200 m

Connectors for Virtual Conductor: 20 pcs.

Load-bearing hooks: 4 pcs.

Additional features
Gyroscopic: YES

LCD display: DA

Shock sensor: YES

Rain sensor: YES

PIN code: YES

Slope sensor: YES

Lifting sensor: YES

Pressure sensor: YES

Auto power off at power cut: YES

Mobile Direct WiFi Application: YES

Intelligent Speed ​​Sensor: YES

Automatic closing when the charging station is closed: YES


Made in China.

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