Pool cleaning robot Dolphin M400

Recommended for swimming pools up to 12 meters long. Removes dirt from the bottom of the pool, the walls and the surface of the water.
The Dolphin M400 is an excellent breakthrough in basin cleaning technology.
Superior Functions of Dolphin Supreme Improves all kinds of difficulties in cleaning swimming pools, ensuring safe cleaning results every hour.

Dolphin M400 Functions and benefits:
• Removes, filters and sucks the dirt from the entire pool, including the bottom of the pool, the walls and the surface of the water. The new, advanced technology allows for optimal scanning and pool coverage for a shorter period of time.
• The extra polishing system is twice as efficient. Brush removal and friction enhances the removal of algae and bacteria.
• The filter opens from the top of the robot for easier maintenance.
• Double fitting system, ultra fine web.
• One-way water valves prevent particles from returning and ensure rapid drainage of the water.
• Double engine for optimum handling, regardless of the slope of the pool.
• Gyroscope, which provides navigation stability and ensures maximum cleaning efficiency.
• Adjustable floats ensure increased scanning efficiency in different pools. Automatic engine protection mechanism.
• Small motor voltage, low power consumption.
• At the end of each cycle it stops automatically.
• Easy user maintenance
• 3 year warranty

Clean pools with a length of up to 12 m.
Cleaning cycle - 2.5 hours
Suction speed - 17 m3 / h
Clean the bottom of the pool, corners, walls and joints
Control - mobile application

Made in Israel

10 299.00 Lei
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