Robot vacuum cleaner AMIGO-golden rose

The AMIGO vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction power, thin design, "Programming" function, remote control, and can be added to the standard equipment, a water tank with a cloth!

With high intake power for smooth surfaces, carpets, short carpets and much more. Exceeds a slight slope and profiles.
It collects perfectly waste, pieces of paper, dust, sand, small berries, hair.
Suitable for pet harvesting.


Working time: Approximately 70-120 minutes

Charging time: Approximately 5-6 hours

Battery: Li-ion 2600 mAH

Noise level: <65 dB

Collector container capacity: 0.35 L

Water tank capacity: 0,3 L (optional)

Anti-drop system: YES

Cleaning modes: 4 cleaning modes:
- Automatic - is a combination of all other ways
- Spot - provides spiral cleaning with increasing radius used in single garbage
- Margins - ensures movement along the edges (walls)
- A small room

Cleaning system:

2 counter-rotating brushes
+ Vacuum for dust extraction

Automatic recharging: YES
Remote control: YES
Additional Features:

- Programming
- Wet cleaning - OPTIONAL can purchase water tank and cloth
- Cleaning surface with one load: up to 150 m²
- Ability to cross obstacles of 1.5 cm and work up to 25°

Dimensions: Aspirator - 32 x 32 x 7.2 cm, box- 57 х 37 х 10.7 cm

Weight: Vacuum cleaner - 2.4 kg

* The dimensions of the robot indicate the diameter and height from the floor to the highest part of the vacuum cleaner!

* Automatic recharge - When the vacuum cleaner's battery is low, the robot automatically goes to the charging station to charge it so that it is ready for the next cleaning.

* The "Programming" function - the vacuum cleaner has a function to set a weekly schedule to set the days of the week and the time at which to start cleaning. In this way, the robot will be activated at a convenient time for you, even if you are not home to enjoy a cleaner home.

* Anti-drop system - a built-in sensor system that prevents falling from stairs or other vertical drops.

* The HEPA filter - contributes to the quality of home or office cleaning, has the ability to capture and retain microscopic particles, bacteria and allergens, ensuring clean, healthy air.

* Remote Control - allows you to control the remote robot and perform certain actions - to start the robot and stop, orientate in a certain direction, change the way of cleaning, return to the station loading and more.

The set includes:
- Robot vacuum cleaner
- Charging station
- 2 + 2 side brushes
- 2 HEPA filters
- Central brush
- Remote control

Options (you can select them from the consumables menu):
- Tank water tank

* Due to stairway sensors, the robot may not work on some dark surfaces - such as dark carpets, dark tiles and other dark surfaces!

* The robot may not work longer on thick or thick carpets, long carpets, rugs, and more.

779.00 Lei
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