HOBOT LEGEE 7 vacuum cleaner robot-mop, Map, 5G and 2.4G Wi-Fi, Siri / ok Google, Creative voice, 2700 Pa

The robot mop - vacuum cleaner HOBOT LEGEE 7 accurately cleans and wipes smooth floors simultaneously. For fast and precise orientation, LEGEE 7 uses LEGEE SLAM laser navigation. 5Ghz / 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection. With the application you can monitor the cleaning in real time, you can save up to 5 maps and create virtual barriers and forbidden areas. Editing the rooms is very easy, and for each room you can set the right cleaning mode, depending on the floor material. LEGEE 7 mimics manual wiping with vibrating back and forth movements and a strong 2700 Pa suction to remove stains and fine dust. The LEGEE 7 robot mop is powered by a high-quality 4500 mAh Li-ion battery and, if the battery is discharged, charges as much as is needed to resume and complete the cleaning task. The dynamic application is available in several languages, including Romanian. Collaborate with Siri and Google OK.


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