Robot vacuum cleaner OSKAR with water tank and magnit stripe

The OSCAR has all the features of a high-end robot! It has an elegant design and height of just 7.2 cm. It features a powerful vacuum, V-shaped rotating brush and Nidek brushless motor. The robot has a "clever" regime for systematic cleaning with navigation via a built-in gyroscope, thus making a route for maximum effective cleaning of the entire area! The OSCAR robot has a mobile application and WiFi connection, a MAX Mode for maximum intake power and a Schedule function. 

With a strong intake power suitable for smooth surfaces, carpets, short carpets and more. Overcomes a slight slope and slats.
It collects perfectly waste, pieces of paper, dust, sand, small grains, hair.
Suitable for collecting hair from DOMESTIC FAVORITES.
Indispensable assistant for ADULT and TRUSTABLE DRIVERS.



 Time for work:

 about 60-120 min

 Charging time:

 about 3-4 hours


 Li-ion 2600 mAH

 Noise level:

 <65 db

 Intake Power:

 1400 Pa

 Trash Container Capacity:

 0.5 L

 Water container capacity:

 0.3 L (optional)

 Anti-fall system:


 Cleaning Modes:

 4 cleaning modes:
 - Automatic - "smart" / systematic mode using navigation where the robot passes once through each zone and stops automatically when cleaning is complete
 - Angles - Provides movement on corners (walls)
 - Spot - provides spiral cleaning with increasing radius, used in one-stop garbage
 - MAX - cleaning with maximum intake power

 Cleaning system:

 2 counter-rotating brushes
 + basic V-shaped rotating brush
 + Vacuum for suction of waste

 Automatic recharge: YES
 HEPA filter: YES
 Remote: YES
 Additional Features:

 - "Smart" (systematic) gyroscope cleaning - the robot makes a route for maximum effective cleaning
 - WiFi, mobile application (compatible with Google Home and Alexa)
 - "Schedule"
 - MAX Mode cleaning mode - the robot cleans with maximum intake power
 - Wet cleaning (wet wiping) - The water container is gradually irrigated with a microfibre mop that performs wet wiping separately from the dry cleaning
- magnetic sensors and magnetic stripe to limit access to a specific area (you can add from the drop-down menu)
 - the ability to cross obstacles up to 1.5 cm.


  Box - 57 x 37 x 10.7 cm, Vacuum cleaner - 32 x 32 x 7.6 cm


 Vacuum cleaner - 2.4 kg

* The dimensions of the robot indicate the diameter and height from the floor to the highest part of the vacuum cleaner!


* Automatic recharge - The robot automatically goes to the charging station to charge it so it is ready for the next cleaning.

* Schedule function - the vacuum cleaner has a function to set the start time for cleaning. In this way, the robot will be activated at a convenient time for you, even if you are not at home to enjoy a cleaner home.

* Anti-drop system - a system of built-in sensors that prevent falling down stairs and other vertical bevels.

* HEPA (HEPA) Filter - Helps to clean your home or office by capturing and retaining microscopic dust particles, bacteria and allergens, thus ensuring cleaner and healthier air.

* Remote control - allows you to control the vacuum cleaner remotely and perform some action - to get the robot to start and stop, move it in a certain direction, change the cleaning mode, make it return to the charging station, and others.


The set includes:
- Robotic vacuum cleaner
- Charging station
- 2 + 2 side brushes
- Basic V-shaped brush
- 1 + 1 HEPA filter
- 1 base filter
- Cleaning brush
- Remote control
- Adapter
- Guide in Bulgarian



Warranty: 24 months
Battery warranty: 6 months


* Because of stairwell sensors, the robot may not work on some darker flooring - such as black carpets, dark tiles and other dark surfaces!

* It is possible that the robot does not work long on some thicker or thicker carpets, carpets with long fringes, mats and more.


Made in China for Dedal Company Ltd.

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