AIR PURIFIER 3 in 1 Moneual MA-700

Moneual MA-700 is the representative for a new generation of high-quality appliances, care for the health of everyone in the family! It combines three functions - an air purifier that kills 99.5% of all humidifier microorganisms to maintain the optimal humidity and ionizer level that provides soothing climate in the room!

The 360 ​​° cylindrical filter allows maximum air filtration in any corner of the room! This is an ideal solution to provide clean air, as the combination of all sensors and functions is healthier for the environment!

Sensors: dust sensors, humidity sensors, pollution sensors, slope sensors
Lock - child control button
LED Light "Light Therapy"
Warranty: 2 years
Noise level: <55 dB
Gross weight: 12 kg, net weight: 8 kg
Dimensions: 81.3 x 36.6 cm

made in Korea

Guarantees 99% removal of bacteria
It does not release harmful emissions
Destroys allergens from pets
Destroy the mold spores
Destroy allergens in the dust
Destroy the bacteria
Destroy the viruses
Removes odors left

If ASTMUL does not give you peace ...
If ALERGIA prevents you from breathing ....
If you can not get rid of the viruses

New and effective way to clean the air from enclosed spaces.
Nowadays we spend 90% of our time in closed spaces.
According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), air in enclosed spaces is 50% more polluted than in open spaces.

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