Set Up Filters for Attractive Oberon 320
- Cold catalyst filter to handle formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulphate and other gases that are emanating from furniture, posters, wallpaper, curtains, carpets, etc.

- Active carbon filter - This filter has the ability to absorb well, as well retained the dust particles.

- Antibacterial filter - To capture and destroy bacteria that infiltrate the air, this filter is 5 microns.

- HEPA filter - The precision of this filter is reduced to 0.01 microns and can catch and hold particles larger than 0.01 microns with an efficiency of 99% or greater. Dust, bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens and other small particles can not pass through the HEPA filter.

Dimension: 45,5x30x2 cm
239.00 Lei
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