Robot Vacuum Cleaner Hobot Legee 668

HOBOT LEGEE 668 FastBrush with 4 cleaning steps

HOBOT LEGEE 668 4 IN 1 Robust Vacuum Cleaner with four functions: suction, dry cloth wiping, smart spray and mop eraser.
Winner of the iENA silver medal - Exhibition of Invention Germany LEGEE 668 imitates the manual removal technique. The back cleaner does not just wipe the water and softens the soiled spots, but also polishes the floor.
The wiping speed is 600 times per minute, repetitive, back and forth.
The LEGEE 668 uses the Intelligent Patented Navigation System with Laser, Encoder, Gyroscope, E-compass and position estimation to detect and measure the area around it. The advanced navigation system of LEGEE 668 allows to avoid furniture and other objects.

The package includes: Hobot Legee 668 vacuum cleaner, power station, 3 wet and wet cleaning cloth pairs, 3 side brushes, remote control with included batteries, water bottle, 3 HEPA filters, 2 spray nozzle pairs.

Model: LAW-668
Cleaning method: Rapid brush 4-Cleaning steps
Brush speed: 10 rotations / sec.
Navigation Technology: LEGEE® V1.0
Path: Map, Parallel
Motion speed: 20 cm / sec.
Water Control: Control Pump, Intelligent Spray
Side brush: Side exit 4 cm
Collection capacity: 500 ml
Collector Container Filters: 600 # Screen Filter + HEPA
Water tank (built-in): 320 ml
Battery: Li-Po 3000mAh
Working time: 90 minutes
Cleaning surface for loading: 150 m2
Detection of objects: 5 Lasers + Bumper
Step sensor: 2 Lasers
Loading: Docking station
Noise level: 62dB at 1m
Dimensions: 340 (L) x 330 (l) x 95 (I) mm
Voltage: 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Adapter: 19V / 1A, 19W
Color: Black

Made in Taiwan.

1 699.00 Lei
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