Cordless Electric Rotating mop MONEUAL AQUA JET 5500

One of the newest and most effective solutions for cleaning the dirt MONEUAL AQUA JET 5500. Two wipes and a water tank integrated with its rotary cleaning is quick, easy and enjoyable! The wireless and ergonomic design helps you with your comfort, and the ability to control water spray makes cleaning your preferences. Only 9.5 cm high, allowing you to easily clean yourself under sofas, beds, and so on.

Battery: Li-ion, 14.6 V, 2150 mAh
Dry and wet cleaning
Built-in water tank
2 rotary motors
500 revolutions per minute (2 x 250 turns)
9.5 cm high and 46 cm wide from rotating discs
Working time: up to 30 minutes
Water tank capacity: 170 ml
Power: 95 W
Dimensions: 45 x 25 x 120 cm (height)
Net weight: 3.4 kg

969.00 Lei
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