Window cleaner Luna 100+

The window cleaner LUNA 200 allows you to have quality clean windows, glass surfaces, mirrors, tiles without traces of water. The ergonomic, curved design offers easy and complete cleaning. With LUNA-200 you can achieve professional results effortlessly in three easy steps - spray the surface with a suitable detergent, rub using the included mop cloth and then with the strong vaccine inhale the dirty water. A 300 ml sprayer is included in the kit with a dispenser for dispensing detergent.
How it works: Spray the windows with detergent / water and spread it all over the surface using the mop cloth, then vacuum the dirty water. Dirty water will be collected in the collection bin, and the windows will be perfectly clean!

Work time:up to 30 min

Upload time:about 30 min

Battery:Li-ion 2200 mah

Collector capacity:150 ml

Other:Suction hole width - 28 cm

Weight:1.2 kg (with box), vacuum cleaner - 0.8 kg

Warranty: 2 years

Made in China by Dedal Company Ltd.

199.00 Lei
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