Smart plug Dedal, 16A, Wi-Fi, consumption monitoring

Instructions in Romanian
The smart socket allows you to be connected to your home devices.
Can be connected to any standard socket.
The control of the socket is done with the help of the phone through mobile application and Wi-Fi network.
This way, wherever you are, you can turn on or off the power supply correctly, the devices, which are connected to the smart socket, to monitor the electricity consumption through the smart socket, to program when to start and for how long.
What kind of devices can you connect to the smart socket?
You can remotely control the power supply of lamps, fans, mobile radiators and many other devices.

When can we use it?
- When we are not at home and we want to control the remote power supply
- When you want to monitor the power consumption
- When you want to connect a device that you want to start at a certain time and operate for a certain period of time
- When you want to be sure, you have not forgotten a certain device turned on
- In other situations, such as: preventive safety measure, by turning on / off the lamps, give the impression that you are at home.

How do I connect the smart socket to the phone?
Download and install the Smart Life application. Follow the steps in the instructions to control the device connected to the smart socket.

What is needed to control the smart remote socket?
To control the smart socket, it must have access to the WI-FI network (2.4Ghz)

What functions does the application have?
With the application on / off the power supply of the device to which the smart socket is connected, to start a certain device at a certain time, a certain device to operate for a certain period of time, to switch off the power at a certain time, can monitor the consumption of electricity in real time or over a period of time, at which, if the price is introduced, the amount of consumption can be calculated using the smart socket.

* Can work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which can also allow you voice commands!

Power supply: 110-240V AC
Power supply voltage: 220V AC
Maximum power: 16A, 3500W
Wi-Fi type: 2.4Ghz, 1T1R

Made in China for Dedal Company Ltd.

99.00 Lei
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