Window cleaner with battery LUNA 100+
LUNA 100+ Window Vacuum Cleaner allows you to clean windows, mirrors, waterless trays or drops. Ergonomic, curved design provides easy and wide cleaning coverage.
It features a stretchable tail that allows you to reach less accessible places. It comes with a 270 ml dispenser and a microfiber cloth that can be attached to both the sprayer and the vacuum cleaner.
Spray the windows with detergent / water and spread it evenly over the entire surface of the glass with the supplied microfiber cloth. Then with the window vacuum cleaner, vacuum the water from the glass surface. The water will be collected in the dispenser and the windows will be perfectly clean and polished!

Run time: Around 30 minutes
Charging time: Aound 2-3 hours
Battery: LI-ion
Dirt water bin capacity: 0,05 L
Weight: 1,1 kg (with goftbox), cleaner - 0,45 kg
199.00 Lei
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