Xiaomi 1C-Robot vaccum cleaner-Mop

Xiaomi has designed a new vacuum cleaner robot at the end of 2019 - Xiaomi 1C, which presents the existence of a dynamic visual navigation system - a precision route planning system, with a dual gyroscope, a 160-degree camera and a sensor optical. These allow him to follow an extremely efficient cleaning planning algorithm and draw more accurate maps of the room. In addition, the Xiaomi 1C vacuum cleaner offers both wet and dry cleaning, with automatic water control, a mobile function control application and an extremely high suction power of 2500 Pa! The Xiaomi 1C robot vacuum cleaner also has 15 types of motion sensors, a washable HEPA filter, can cross 2 cm obstacles and can travel on slopes up to 20 degrees.


With a strong suction power, suitable for smooth surfaces, carpets, short-woven carpets and many more. Easily exceeds slope and profiles.
It perfectly collects waste, pieces of paper, dust, sand, small grains, hairs.
Suitable for pet hair removal.
Indispensable help for adults and people with disabilities.

Working time: up to 90-100 minutes

Charging time: about 4 hours

Battery: Li-ion 2400 mAH

Noise level: 50-70 db

Suction power: 2500 Pa

Container capacity for garbage: 0.6 L

Water tank capacity: 0.2 L

Anti-fall system: YES

Cleaning modes:

Intelligent / systematic mode, using dual gyroscope navigation, a 160-degree camera and an optical sensor where the robot passes through each zone and automatically shuts off when cleaning is complete.

Cleaning system:

1 rotary side brush
+ basic V-shaped rotary brush
+ aspiration
+ dry / wet mop

Automatic reload: YES
HEPA filter: YES (washable)
Mobile Application
Additional features:

- White color
- Mobile application and Wi-Fi connection
- intelligent / systematic mode using dual gyroscope navigation, camera and optical sensor
- Programming function
- 4 levels of suction power
- Wet cleaning (wet wipe) - a mop of microfiber is gradually irrigated through a water tank, which performs wet wiping at the same time as dry cleaning.
- Washable HEPA filter
- magnetic sensors and the ability to purchase a magnetic strip to restrict access to the robot in a particular area
- cleaning area with a single load: up to 100 m²
- the ability to cross obstacles up to 2 cm and operate at an inclination of up to 20 °

Dimensions: vacuum cleaner - 35 x 35 x 8.2 cm

Weight: 3.6 kg - robot


* The dimensions of the robot indicate the diameter and the height from the floor to the highest part of the vacuum cleaner!

* Automatic reload - The robot automatically goes to the charging station to load so that it is ready for the next cleaning.

* Scheduling function - the vacuum cleaner has a function to set the time to start cleaning. This way, the robot will activate at a time that is convenient for you, even if you are not home to enjoy a cleaner home.

* Anti-fall system - an integrated sensor system that prevents falling from the stairs.

* HEPA filter - helps to clean the home or office by capturing and preserving microscopic dust particles, bacteria and allergens, thus ensuring a cleaner and healthier air.

. * Control by mobile phone

* The camera is intended for route planning, not to transmit a real image from the robot!

* Due to the presence of a camera, the robot cannot operate in dark rooms without light!


Content of the package:

- Robotic vacuum cleaner
- Charging station
- 1 side brush
- V-shaped rotary brush
- 1 washable filter
- mop cloth holder

- 1 mop cloth
- Cleaning brush
- Adapter
- Guide in Romanian


Warranty: 24 months
Battery warranty: 6 months


* Due to the presence of stair sensors, the robot may not work on some darker floors - such as black carpets, dark tiles, and other darker surfaces!

* The robot cannot move properly when exposed to very strong light or direct sunlight!

* The robot may not work for long on some thick or long woven carpets, long fringed carpets, mats and more.

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